(54) Hypocrites on High, Must have Made a Deal with some Dark Entity…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 54

The start of grab the AK and pray week is here! Scott and Erik discuss the continued saga that is the Presidential election in the U.S. where things may be headed to crazy town as there is plenty of evidence that things were not on the up and up. Covid remains in the world’s eye as public officials make rules and then don’t follow them. There is an eye opening talk on gender which is never rewarded especially when a celebrity creates the discussion. Project Veritas comes up big again, while congress wants to legalize the herbs. The Pope continues his vanilla slinging tweets that we’ve come to know and love. The Ridiculous goes off the wagon as the Hypocrite Elites get caught with their pants down in Brussels. Madness everywhere, and remember to tell the officer you’re just trying to keep Covid away…


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