About Us…

Nothing is in it, but Everything is There…

Scott created a podcast through a desire to capture his conversations with his brother Erik on tape.

“I found I was having these really funny conversations with Erik.  I thought, we need to record this.  What’s more, the conversations were funny but also delving in on some pretty serious intellectual topics.”

Thus, the podcast was born.  Over eight years now, Scott and Erik have created episode when they’ve had the time.  The topics come from real life stories and initially were away from politics.

Scott notes, “In the beginning, I wanted to stay away from politics.  Politics gets venomous fast and there were (and still are) plenty of shows that talk about all of that stuff.  I wanted our show to be different viewpoints on random stuff that normal people deal with.  However, over the last two years, politics has bled into every aspect of our society and the show was forced to evolve.  Now, we’ve decided what team we play for, and we do our thing with the stories we’re given and lean into the political aspects of the story.” 

Sadly, the brothers do not get to regularly sit down and record as both have jobs and families to attend to.  When they do, however, the stuff that makes it to the internet is something else.

“We’d love to be more dedicated to the show.  It’s just hard when you have other responsibilities that come first.  We’ve gotten solid feedback from the listeners we do have and we think it’s really cool they like us.  If the show took off, man, we’d be all in.  Regardless, it’s a labor of love and we’re grateful for the time we get to do it and the people who choose to give us a listen when we do put an episode out there.”

So enjoy the Empty Room Podcast and if you like it, share it, and perhaps the brothers can continue to bring their brand of information and humor to their listeners.

You can find the Empty Room Podcast ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and pretty much anywhere podcasts can be found to listen.

The Empty Room Podcasts are also on the following social media websites…

Twitter (@ERPcast)

Facebook (www.facebook.com/EmptyRoomPodcast)

Gettr (ERPcast)

Rumble (EmptyRoomPodcast)

Instagram (emptyroompodcast)

Locals (EmptyRoomPodcast)

YouTube (Empty Room Podcast)

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