Listen to Others…

There are some great podcasters, radio personalities, and opinion pieces out there that the Empty Room Podcast recommends. Here are some of the best!

Steven Crowder – Arguably the funniest conservative show in the business, the Louder with Crowder program is well sourced with plenty of information on current events as well as the big overarching problems and successes of American society. Adding Dave Landau made the show must listen material. (Note: With his absence for a bit after leaving the The Blaze and then battling The Daily Wire, Crowder has returned to Rumble. Landau won’t be on too much as he’s pursuing other avenues, however there will be a plethora of more comedians joining the club.)

Jason Whitlock – Former sportscaster turned cultural commentator, Whitlock follows his beliefs from his church and sports upbringing. Tackling some of the most controversial topics of the day, his show Fearless, lives up to the name. His monologues at the beginning of the show can’t be missed and his guests are outstanding. He can be found on The Blaze.

Jesse Kelly – The former marine, construction worker, and failed politician is a history buff as well as a guy who will tell you the hard truths. He’s funny, serious, and magical, plus his “What, Chris?” line is the gift that keeps on giving. He’s another voice that doesn’t shy away from the tough topics. Always a good listen and will never shy away from what needs to be said.

Jim Quinn – One of the old guys in this bunch that have been doing a radio show for years. He knew Rush Limbaugh before Rush started using his real name on the radio. An ex-DJ who discovered politics late, who often adds, “Why follow anything else? If the Steelers do poorly, my taxes don’t change. If government does poorly, they do.” His Quinn laws are spot on and his openings for topics always bring some laughs.

Bernie and Sid – Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg teamed up shortly after the death of Don Imus. Bernie was a staple on the Imus in the Morning program, while Sid joined late in the show’s life and had a rocky go of it with the I-Man. Together in this new show, it feels like the Imus shackles are off and both men can go embrace their conservative view points to high fandom even though they are in the heart of New York. Reason, with humor, and a lot of attitude describe this daily morning show. (Note: Sadly, Bernard McGuirk passed away due to prostate cancer in 2022. The show is different, certainly, now, however Sid continues to take a logical and comical take on current events.)

Ben Shapiro – Shapiro, a former disciple of Andrew Breitbart, struck out on his own after he deemed the Breitbart empire a one note instrument. He created the Daily Wire and turned himself into a larger media personality. He considers himself straight down the middle in reporting the news, but certainly conservative in his personal views. He is an elite debater and often puts himself in tough crowd situations to outduel the room.

Jordan Peterson – Peterson is less a podcaster, but more a uncomfortable professor who was thrust into the limelight. He’s brilliant and his YouTube dissertations on the Bible and How to Live Your Life, have done more for the conservative movement in the United States then most anything else. No mater the topic, he has a fascinating thought on it and will challenge everything you think you know.

Tim Pool – Pool is a reluctant conservative who came into this mode of thinking as the left moved to crazy town. Pool often interjects that he’s socially liberal, or once thought he was, but now that the liberals are nuts, his same views are now considered conservative. Pool was a journalist who did some pretty risky assignments in foreign countries. Now, more then ever, he’s the canary in the coal mine of U.S. politics and unrest.

Megyn Kelly – Kelly has been a name in the political and news arena for some time. From stardom to leaving fox news to do a morning show, to where she is now (has her own podcast with mostly lawyers and an occasional strange guests), Kelly has seen a lot and has a unique thought on all of it. Her podcast today is very good and is vital when covering high profile court cases.

Dave Rubin – Rubin is the quintessential lefty turned conservative case. A former comedian who then worked for the Young Turks, Rubin changed teams as things became more unhinged on the left. He is now an interesting conservative (though calls himself a classical liberal) and the interviews he lands are top notch and fascinating.

Gary Buechler (Nerdrotic) – Buechler runs Nerdrotic which battles in the pop culture war. He brings on great guests and isn’t afraid to say what is what. Nerdrotic is a powerful force in the pop culture war and they’re incredibly fun and clever as well. The Monday Night Tights intro alone is worth the price of admission!