ERP – Episode 27 -Tigers and Goats, Living Forever!!!

Empty Room Podcast – Episode  27

It’s the Empty Room Podcast’s 27th episode – Tigers and Goats, Living Forever!!!

In this episode, we talk about guns and how important they are to our society.  We talk about the abysmal job the refs are doing in the NFL.  The rise of Skynet (Google) is on our radar, as well as the Pope’s.  We also recognize that Micheal Bay is destroying our childhood memories one movie at a time.  We say goodbye to some famous people who are no longer with us and, as always, point out that the Robot apocalypse is right around the corner.



Note: We don’t know why Scott said the Golden State Warriors had won 27 games in a row. It was actually 23. He must have had 27 on the mind because it was Episode 27. He’s old. What can we do?

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