(75) Beep, Beep, We Love You, but Stay Over There…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 75

Recorded on Tuesday, Scott has Erik on the phone while he’s hauling freight from New York to Massachusetts. Discussion varied and was all over the place, but we do know is that there is a South Korean scientist who is on to something, while the Barstool question of “Who Would be on the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling” has way more nuance then you think…



(74) You would have to be On a Different Planet to Not Know…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 74

No audio issues to speak of, so tune in to this new collection of stories from both the political realm as well as the entertainment world of scum and villainy. Topics will include Bill Cosby, Jill Biden, the Clintons, and Boba Fett. That’s a pretty interesting collection of characters right there. Doing as only the Empty Room Podcast can, join Scott and Erik as they take on the big issues in a very small way. Research is a passing glance, but opinions are forever…until they’re not.



(65) I’m Sorry, I didn’t Recognize You without MJ’s N%^s in Your Face…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 65

The Empty Room returns late to throw a lot of stuff on the wall and see if sticks. Sports movies…what are the best ones? Biden admin doing their things to break the country. Ewing not recognized in MSG? Really? The Ridiculous is out there and the Pope is also scattered. The Empty Room feels kinda cluttered this time, but all are welcome.


(59) It’s as Big as the Books…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 59

Numbers and Size are the topic of the day as the boys discuss many many horrible things. Pope Francis needs help and it’s almost certain that a normal man will be put in an abnormal situation. The ridiculous has a beyond “R” rating and the questions to ponder wonder about what’s behind the curtain in the country. Wild ride in this one…



(58) Hey, Wait a Minute, I Know that Ferris Wheel!

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 58

The return from two weeks of vacay has the boys entering a new world. Trump is gone. Biden is in. Dogs and Cats living together…mass hysteria. As society collapses, it is vital to have a smile on your face and that’s where the Empty Room comes in. Tom Brady, Miley Cyrus, NASA, and the Pope…what more could you want? Not enough? How about a 20 minute section dedicated to Godzilla vs. King Kong? Let’s go!

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(56) Christmas Time in the Land of Stupidity

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 56

Christmas is upon us and things continue to spiral into the void. The Election, still contested, churns forward with new information concerning Dominion and how it was used. Scott defends Abe Lincoln. Proposed Vegas condos look kinda like bananas…kind of… The Pope continues to tweet out the vanilla topics while also contradicting himself in some very interesting ways. There is a movement to change the name of the podcast from the Empty Room to the Ridiculous Room because everything is ridiculous now… The star of Bethlehem shows itself and quite frankly we’re not worthy. The solid advice of leaving Satan alone is shared. Believe it or not, Scott leaves Erik speechless at the end. Merry Christmas All!