(72) Create the Problem, Be the Savior, No One Links it to You…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 72

John joins Scott for another episode of the Empty Room Podcast. The audio is suspect, but the conversation is interesting. If you can get through it, dear listener, you will learn something new with plenty to enjoy.



p.s. Scott here…I cannot figure out what went wrong with the audio. I apologize. It’s sincerely a bummer for me as I enjoyed this conversation quite a bit.

(48 – p2) The Badass Cheerleading Zamboni Driver of Rochester, New York…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 48 (Part 2)

Part deux of the ERP episode 48 featuring Scott and John continues down the path with aggressive feelings toward the bias and vitriol of the days away presidential election. Gun vs. Swords, term limits, Snead O’Connor, and the unsung heroes of the country are all topics on the table in this one. Can we bounce back from the credibility loss for all of our information finders? What is the new punk rock? It’s the Empty Room part deux, of course…