What the f&*k JCVJ? ERP – 39


Empty Room Podcast – Episode  39

What the f&*k JCVJ?  In this the 39th episode of the Empty Room Podcast, we do our best to stay away from politics in a political world.  We discuss the Pope and what may happen to a certain poor driver.  We dabble in some entertainment and also revisit the robot apocalypse that may be ignited by Apple.  Lastly, and most importantly, we discuss Stephen King’s value to cinema and wonder out loud if JCVJ trumps all of it.


Sad Hulk on a Flat Earth… ERP – 38

Flat Earth.jpg

Empty Room Podcast – Episode  38

Sad Hulk on a Flat Earth…  The world in changing and we need to do so as well.  In this episode of the Empty Room Podcast, the Celtics finally make a big move (but at what cost), what would the Terminator look like with the Juice, and no matter who you are…getting hit the junk is kinda funny…but it’s especially funny here.  We also honor two recipients to the Wall of Admiration while rescinding a person on the wall!  Turn us on and figure out what side you land…

The Empty Room Podcast…nothing is in it, but everything is there.

Art by aardvarkian.com


Landmines and Pizza…Dated but Delightful

Empty Room Podcast – Episode  32

It’s the empty room podcast coming at you with another dated podcast but the moments are crispy.  We talk about landmines in New York, where does the Pope get his pizza, the retirement of Tim Duncan (and Kevin Durant wetting his pants), and Bon Jovi getting yanked out of a crowd to sing “Livin on a Prayer.”  Hold onto your Pope hats, cause we’re diving into some interesting territory with 32.