(53) A Country Starved for Truth…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 53

The fifty third Empty Room podcast brings a testy Erik to conversations ranging from the continued election saga to the pope talking some smack to the Supreme Court as only the pope can. A soccer legend bids adieu to the living, while the Broncos find themselves without a quarterback due to Covid restrictions… The Shark is packing heat and a monolith in Utah brings back memories of a Kubrik classic… Finally, Scott gets a chance to share his love of boxing to the chagrin of his podcast partner on the night.


(51) God, I Hope They’re Nice…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 51

Another week, another gap in election confidence. Scott and Erik tackle the election irregularities that continue to pile up while giving updates on another pretty important case. The Pope is worried about robots and consequences which could be the title of his next romantic novel. Aliens also pop into view as Covid 19 may have pulled the wool over all of our faces on the extra terrestrial activity. The Empty Room pulls no punches in this one. We hope you enjoy…God, I hope they’re nice.


(43) The Return…and is their Life on Mars?

Empty Room Podcast – Episode  43

With more then a year gone by since the last Empty Room Podcast, Scott and Erik sit down to begin anew. The return of the podcast brings a new format to the show, this week featuring thoughts on the real possibility of the death of professional sports, The Pope being a very giving man, is there life on Mars, and the political aspect of Covid.

Back in saddle with plans for weekly work…Here. We. Go.