(58) Hey, Wait a Minute, I Know that Ferris Wheel!

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 58

The return from two weeks of vacay has the boys entering a new world. Trump is gone. Biden is in. Dogs and Cats living together…mass hysteria. As society collapses, it is vital to have a smile on your face and that’s where the Empty Room comes in. Tom Brady, Miley Cyrus, NASA, and the Pope…what more could you want? Not enough? How about a 20 minute section dedicated to Godzilla vs. King Kong? Let’s go!

#EmptyRoom Podcast

Empty Room Podcast 2020 First Presidential Debate Commentary…

Empty Room Debate Special – First presidential debate for 2020 election.

The Empty Room dives deeper into the political pool with the ERP’s first commentary of a presidential debate. Trump and Biden squared off and fireworks and controversy splashed all over the walls. Scott is joined by John the prepper for a quick conversation critiquing the debate with thoughts and predictions of what lies ahead.