(59) It’s as Big as the Books…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 59

Numbers and Size are the topic of the day as the boys discuss many many horrible things. Pope Francis needs help and it’s almost certain that a normal man will be put in an abnormal situation. The ridiculous has a beyond “R” rating and the questions to ponder wonder about what’s behind the curtain in the country. Wild ride in this one…



(58) Hey, Wait a Minute, I Know that Ferris Wheel!

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 58

The return from two weeks of vacay has the boys entering a new world. Trump is gone. Biden is in. Dogs and Cats living together…mass hysteria. As society collapses, it is vital to have a smile on your face and that’s where the Empty Room comes in. Tom Brady, Miley Cyrus, NASA, and the Pope…what more could you want? Not enough? How about a 20 minute section dedicated to Godzilla vs. King Kong? Let’s go!

#EmptyRoom Podcast

(48 – p1) Re-Usable Rockets over Slingshots and Cannons…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 48 (Part 1)

The Empty Room invites Big John back to the show for an episode that traverses the map twice over. 48 is long, so we cut it into two parts and part one features Scott finally losing his temper over the election coming up, the pope and his suggestion to the UN, and whether Bezos has a better rocket then Musk. A tale of two Town Halls draws more anger while the Hunter laptop draws all the eyes. Regardless of politics, a fan favorite returns…and sometimes that’s all that matters.

Episode 48 part 2 drops on Friday along with the presidential debate critique from the ERP. The room is full this week, so feel free to join us!



(47) Down here, it’s Our Time!

Empty Room Podcast – Episode  47

The Empty Room podcasts returns for an end of week release where we learn of things one might not want to learn. Sexual choices for a prime athlete merged with members of the cloth defiling alters in turn with a plea for justice for a beloved celebrity… Add to that the disappointment of another choice by a man we respected, the return of a criminal family that we all thought was taken care of years ago, and a gun buy back program only said crime family could love, and you got yourself a compelling podcast. Welcome to the Empty Room. Nothing is in it, but everything is there…