Death, Dildos, and Time Travel…A Rogue Story – ERP 35


Empty Room Podcast – Episode  35

It’s the Empty Room Podcast…back in time for the last day of January.  In this “Welcoming the New Year in” show, we talk about death and time travel.  We also wonder where the Pope gets such a beautiful choir?  California is the new Florida?  Are dildos the weapon everyone should have?  We also find out who is the fashion king in North Korea and why we all owe some gratitude to Miss Piggy and a mystery postal woman.  Welcome 2017!

Skype Hype Holidays! – ERP 34


Empty Room Podcast – Episode  34

It’s a show for the Holidays!  Erik skypes in from work and the audio implodes.  We have a new El Presidente, the Pope says you have to have a Y chromosome to be a priest, and the Cubs win the World Series!  The Robot Apocalypse is scarier then ever, Idris Elba is doing something very gross, and some gaseous matter ruined some legs and created a legend.  It’s the ERP for the holidays!


October’s Karomedy – ERP 33


Empty Room Podcast – Episode  33

The Empty Room Podcast has moved to a monthly show…not by choice, but it’s the best we can do.  This is October’s episode and we go through a lot.  We have a Dark Tower trailer failure.  Kanye’s scheme is revealed.  Pope in wheeling and canonizing.  Ronald McDonald is lying low during these dark times.  Pam Anderson may be a hit woman for the CIA.  Billionaires want weird sweaty orgy dances once disconnected from the Matrix.  Phil Jackson may have murdered a private non-dick…allegedly.  Tim Tebow is the vessel of God and is trying to hit a curveball.  Lastly, the ERP finally makes it’s public endorsement for President of the United States.

It’s a crazy one folks!


plus Charlie and Sophie!