(53) A Country Starved for Truth…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 53

The fifty third Empty Room podcast brings a testy Erik to conversations ranging from the continued election saga to the pope talking some smack to the Supreme Court as only the pope can. A soccer legend bids adieu to the living, while the Broncos find themselves without a quarterback due to Covid restrictions… The Shark is packing heat and a monolith in Utah brings back memories of a Kubrik classic… Finally, Scott gets a chance to share his love of boxing to the chagrin of his podcast partner on the night.


(52) Does Anyone Got Some Tongs?

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 52

It’s the week of Thanksgiving 2020 and there is so much left up in the air. Scott and Erik continue to discuss the ramifications of the election funny business as the lawyers put it all on the line to save the country. Even throughout the madness, there are heroes out there and some of those tales are told here. Does the Pope have questionable intent when it comes to laying hands on his flock? There is green ooze running under a Canadian City? Did Scott need medical attention on this very night as words become too slippery for him to speak? All this and more in an episode of the Empty Room Podcast.


(51) God, I Hope They’re Nice…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 51

Another week, another gap in election confidence. Scott and Erik tackle the election irregularities that continue to pile up while giving updates on another pretty important case. The Pope is worried about robots and consequences which could be the title of his next romantic novel. Aliens also pop into view as Covid 19 may have pulled the wool over all of our faces on the extra terrestrial activity. The Empty Room pulls no punches in this one. We hope you enjoy…God, I hope they’re nice.


(50) The Moon Bleeds Red, White, and Blue!

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 50

My god, how are we here? Election madness and sadness everywhere with what appears to be massive fraud and error across the fruited plains…from sea to shining sea. We lost two greats, the pope is worried about the artificial intelligence, and we ponder if the country can ever recover from the election nightmare. Also, who owns the moon? Also more, can Elon Musk actually declare his independence from Earth? All this, and more, inside the Empty Room.



(49) Stormtroopers are Robots?

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 49

As we enter the home stretch of the political race in America and there is talk of what the federal government may look like in the near future, Scott and Erik delve into tough questions while deciding, officially, which way they’ll go. The pope throws some vanilla at his followers while Tom Brady pushed to add another fellow to his crew. Finally, and more importantly, we learn that Kanye feels strongly about a specific trilogy that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.


(48 – p2) The Badass Cheerleading Zamboni Driver of Rochester, New York…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 48 (Part 2)

Part deux of the ERP episode 48 featuring Scott and John continues down the path with aggressive feelings toward the bias and vitriol of the days away presidential election. Gun vs. Swords, term limits, Snead O’Connor, and the unsung heroes of the country are all topics on the table in this one. Can we bounce back from the credibility loss for all of our information finders? What is the new punk rock? It’s the Empty Room part deux, of course…



(48 – p1) Re-Usable Rockets over Slingshots and Cannons…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 48 (Part 1)

The Empty Room invites Big John back to the show for an episode that traverses the map twice over. 48 is long, so we cut it into two parts and part one features Scott finally losing his temper over the election coming up, the pope and his suggestion to the UN, and whether Bezos has a better rocket then Musk. A tale of two Town Halls draws more anger while the Hunter laptop draws all the eyes. Regardless of politics, a fan favorite returns…and sometimes that’s all that matters.

Episode 48 part 2 drops on Friday along with the presidential debate critique from the ERP. The room is full this week, so feel free to join us!



(47) Down here, it’s Our Time!

Empty Room Podcast – Episode  47

The Empty Room podcasts returns for an end of week release where we learn of things one might not want to learn. Sexual choices for a prime athlete merged with members of the cloth defiling alters in turn with a plea for justice for a beloved celebrity… Add to that the disappointment of another choice by a man we respected, the return of a criminal family that we all thought was taken care of years ago, and a gun buy back program only said crime family could love, and you got yourself a compelling podcast. Welcome to the Empty Room. Nothing is in it, but everything is there…


Empty Room Podcast 2020 First Presidential Debate Commentary…

Empty Room Debate Special – First presidential debate for 2020 election.

The Empty Room dives deeper into the political pool with the ERP’s first commentary of a presidential debate. Trump and Biden squared off and fireworks and controversy splashed all over the walls. Scott is joined by John the prepper for a quick conversation critiquing the debate with thoughts and predictions of what lies ahead.