(59) It’s as Big as the Books…

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 59

Numbers and Size are the topic of the day as the boys discuss many many horrible things. Pope Francis needs help and it’s almost certain that a normal man will be put in an abnormal situation. The ridiculous has a beyond “R” rating and the questions to ponder wonder about what’s behind the curtain in the country. Wild ride in this one…



(58) Hey, Wait a Minute, I Know that Ferris Wheel!

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 58

The return from two weeks of vacay has the boys entering a new world. Trump is gone. Biden is in. Dogs and Cats living together…mass hysteria. As society collapses, it is vital to have a smile on your face and that’s where the Empty Room comes in. Tom Brady, Miley Cyrus, NASA, and the Pope…what more could you want? Not enough? How about a 20 minute section dedicated to Godzilla vs. King Kong? Let’s go!

#EmptyRoom Podcast

(57) Zombies, Famine, and Asteroids

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 57

Happy New Year! The thrilling conclusion of the TV series ‘Election’ is finally here. Will there be violence on the 6th? Will there be more surprises, twists, turns? Erik tries to sink the show…again. The Pope plays it slow on Twitter. Nostradamus dishes the goods on what 2021 will look like. Alec Baldwin and his wife…comedic gold. George Michael’s has a number one hit and the boys talk about the idea that moral superiority is the second virus taking over the country.

Nothing is in it, but everything is there…The Empty Room Podcast 2021. Welcome!


(56) Christmas Time in the Land of Stupidity

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 56

Christmas is upon us and things continue to spiral into the void. The Election, still contested, churns forward with new information concerning Dominion and how it was used. Scott defends Abe Lincoln. Proposed Vegas condos look kinda like bananas…kind of… The Pope continues to tweet out the vanilla topics while also contradicting himself in some very interesting ways. There is a movement to change the name of the podcast from the Empty Room to the Ridiculous Room because everything is ridiculous now… The star of Bethlehem shows itself and quite frankly we’re not worthy. The solid advice of leaving Satan alone is shared. Believe it or not, Scott leaves Erik speechless at the end. Merry Christmas All!


(55) Supreme Disappointment on the mostly Factual Show

The Empty Room Podcast – Episode 55

When the word came down that the Supremes were mostly uninterested in taking the toughest case, Scott and Erik react with their traditional disappointment in this 55th episode of the ERP. A prophecy claims that the Pope is leaving this month and then end times. Sounds like a good way to end 2020… Other topics broached in this one include…Aztec craftsmanship, the Zodiac Killer’s cypher decodement, and Belgium’s crucial decision to turn the tide…

Welcome to the Empty Room!


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(54) Hypocrites on High, Must have Made a Deal with some Dark Entity…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 54

The start of grab the AK and pray week is here! Scott and Erik discuss the continued saga that is the Presidential election in the U.S. where things may be headed to crazy town as there is plenty of evidence that things were not on the up and up. Covid remains in the world’s eye as public officials make rules and then don’t follow them. There is an eye opening talk on gender which is never rewarded especially when a celebrity creates the discussion. Project Veritas comes up big again, while congress wants to legalize the herbs. The Pope continues his vanilla slinging tweets that we’ve come to know and love. The Ridiculous goes off the wagon as the Hypocrite Elites get caught with their pants down in Brussels. Madness everywhere, and remember to tell the officer you’re just trying to keep Covid away…


(53) A Country Starved for Truth…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 53

The fifty third Empty Room podcast brings a testy Erik to conversations ranging from the continued election saga to the pope talking some smack to the Supreme Court as only the pope can. A soccer legend bids adieu to the living, while the Broncos find themselves without a quarterback due to Covid restrictions… The Shark is packing heat and a monolith in Utah brings back memories of a Kubrik classic… Finally, Scott gets a chance to share his love of boxing to the chagrin of his podcast partner on the night.


(52) Does Anyone Got Some Tongs?

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 52

It’s the week of Thanksgiving 2020 and there is so much left up in the air. Scott and Erik continue to discuss the ramifications of the election funny business as the lawyers put it all on the line to save the country. Even throughout the madness, there are heroes out there and some of those tales are told here. Does the Pope have questionable intent when it comes to laying hands on his flock? There is green ooze running under a Canadian City? Did Scott need medical attention on this very night as words become too slippery for him to speak? All this and more in an episode of the Empty Room Podcast.


(51) God, I Hope They’re Nice…

Empty Room Podcast – Episode 51

Another week, another gap in election confidence. Scott and Erik tackle the election irregularities that continue to pile up while giving updates on another pretty important case. The Pope is worried about robots and consequences which could be the title of his next romantic novel. Aliens also pop into view as Covid 19 may have pulled the wool over all of our faces on the extra terrestrial activity. The Empty Room pulls no punches in this one. We hope you enjoy…God, I hope they’re nice.